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Central Matrix is a project aimed at publishing speculative ideas on Matrix, Structure of Reality, Mankind and Religions. It’s based on reflections of Ebrael S., Brazilian blogger and amateur writer, after watching movies such as Inception and, of course, of Matrix trilogy, in additions of great books of authors such as Edgar Allan Poe and William Blake.

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Latest Updates

Manifestation as a sign of disruption

In the video Timelapse of the Future, it’s shown an extensive, detailed forecast of the possible future of our Universe. Some ideas are remarkable among others in that video: The real harmony, as absence of instability in our current structure of reality, could be represented by darkness, inertial states of matter and cold temperatures; The […]

Get your Birth Chart

I come to proudly announce the lauching of my service of Personal Birth Chart Analysis, an Astrological instrument of self knowledge for human enhancement. After more than eight years of deep studies – not only in Astrology -, I feel myself able to offer a product of good quality to my partners and readers.

Are we alone?

As it starts to play, the following video proposes the most famous Arthur Clarke’s question: Are we alone? According to him, both possibilities of answers are terrifying, either we are home alone, or not.


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